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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Trump's apparent alignment with Russia is intolerable

Dear Editor,

All I want for Christmas is this: An answer to an important question.

How is it that we as a country tolerate our president-elect to align himself with a government that is undermining our democracy? A foreign adversary interfered with our election process. That is fact. You don’t need the CIA to tell you this. Putin made it clear all through the months of our election campaign who he allied with. It was on Russian Cable TV (RT TV network). Russian government-backed trolls went online to help impact the Fake News phenomenon. Putin is no dummy, he knew who the hacks would impact negatively. It was brought out and questioned in every Trump/Clinton debate.

I am not a Hillary Clinton fan. She was not the voice I would have preferred to represent my party. She created the email controversy that plagued her. She lost the election. I accept that. This current crisis is not a partisan political issue. But again. Our president elect, Donald Trump, chooses to align himself with an adversarial country who interfered with our democratic process. How is that tolerated by any citizen in America?




Christy Wert


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