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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

View of Democrats are grossly inaccurate

I am not sure where Glendive resident Doris Storlie found her views for the letter to the editor in the Sunday May 21st edition. Maybe Fox news, maybe a local Conservative Tea Party Republican meeting, wherever they came from they are grossly inaccurate. Every two years Montana Democrats meet and draft a written platform, this platform has planks which state our beliefs and goals. The platform addresses a wide range of issues and can be accessed at www.montanademcrats.org, you are encouraged to view it all. Also please take time to visit the Montana Republican  Party Platform at www.mtgop.org Surprisingly you will find some agreement! Some common ideas include. Personal and religious beliefs, Montana Democrats support every individual’s right to hold personal beliefs without interference from those with different beliefs. Montana Democrats support the right to keep and bear Arms as defined in both the Montana and US constitutions. Montana Democrats believe in being fiscally responsible while adequately funding needed public services.

Finding agreement on some issues with Montana Republicans is a good thing, but before you vote on May 25th or any future elections, know there are some sharp differences between Conservative Tea Party Republicans and Montana Democrats. Democrats support a living wage Conservative Tea Party Republicans oppose minimum wage and unions. Democrats support a free and equal, public Education for all Montana students, as stated in the Montana Constitution. Conservative Tea Party Republicans support vouchers and tax breaks which divert money away from public education. Democrats support the ownership and management of federal funds, recognizing federal lands are national treasures. Conservative Tea Party Republicans support the granting of federal lands to the state. With 440,0000 Montanans’ qualifying as having a pre-existing condition, Montana Democrats support improvement Of the Affordable Act. Conservative Tea Party Republicans want to bury their heads in the sand and opt out. Lastly, because Mrs. Storlie has written letters in the past concerning a pro-life opinion, I must say in all the Democratic Platform Conventions attended, no democrat has ever proposed being for abortion. Democrats oppose laws and Government action that interfere with the private rights of individuals to make their own health decisions, including decisions about contraception, child bearing, and dying. Since 1973 the supreme court has re-affirmed 20/20 times a women’s right to privacy. Conservative Tea Part Republicans want to use the government to restrict your access to birth control, and even criminalize a person right to choose. 


Pat Mischel

Dawson County Democratic State Committeeman


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