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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Vote for levies to support our schools

Dear editor,

School enrollment here has been dropping for many years.  With falling enrollment comes a reduction in state support.  State support cuts for Glendive mean next year’s school budget will be severely reduced. 

We voters are now presented with a mail-in ballot asking us to decide for or against $71,735.22  for DCHS and  $124,197.52 for the grade schools.  If both pass, both units will still have less money next year then they had last year.

The Friends of the Library are volunteers who give their time to supplement the programs and projects at that uniquely American institution, a free library.    Here the library staff and the Friends are especially dedicated to children becoming comfortable in an atmosphere of books, reading, computers and learning. That goal is being successfully met.   State-wide Glendive library programs for preschoolers have been recognized.  At all levels Glendive’s students do well in everything: music, forensics, sports.  Glendive must continue to do well. This has become a world for the well-educated.  That’s why we encourage you to vote for the mills for the schools on the mail-in ballot you have already received.  

If both levies pass the elementary will have less than last year by almost $293,054. And the high school will be down by $81,219.

All schools will still have to make cuts.  There is no loose money.

Let’s support our schools:  Let’s tell the administration and the teachers we want to help them keep standards high.


Rose Marie Aus


The Friends of the 

Glendive Public Library

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