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Monday, March 19, 2018

Why Gianforte is right for Montana

Dear editor,

Hello fellow Montanans.  We have a uniquely bizarre special election on our hands.  Money is pouring in from special interests located on the East and West coasts who want to directly influence our election and alter Montanans way of life.  So let me explain how I’m approaching this election as a independent voter.

There are two candidates gaining the most attention (folks are unlikely to give Mark Wicks much attention).

Greg Gianforte pays his bills, pays his taxes, supports the 2nd Amendment, knows how to build and manage a budget, creates quality Montana jobs and lives within his means and doesn’t believe in destroying the unborn in the womb. This race is about the most qualified candidate, the one who can’t be bought by D.C.

Greg will not need lobbyists, Nancy Pelosi, or Bernies Sanders to tell him how to vote in Congress.  Greg is wealthy from his own hard work, so I believe he is doing this to help preserve the Montana way of life.  Our choice is clear, I’m sure Mr. Quist is a nice fellow, but with his laundry list of personal and professional problems he’s carrying he’s not ready for prime time in Congress, particularly if he is just doing it to line his pockets.  There’s too much at stake for our country and Montana to put in unsteady hands.


Josh Grovon


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