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Monday, February 19, 2018

Boys and Girls Club closes on new facility

By Jason Stuart

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The Boys and Girls Club of Dawson County is close to finalizing the deal for their new home.

Executive director Tina Carter said the club’s closing date on their purchase of the former J.C. Penney building on West Bell Street in downtown Glendive is set for this week.

“As of May 30, it’s a done deal,” Carter said.

Club officials first announced their intention to purchase the building in February, saying the club has outgrown its current facility, necessitating a move to a building with more space in order to accommodate its burgeoning membership.

The club’s current facility has about 8,000 square feet, whereas the new building has 13,000.

The club was aided in its goal to purchase the building by charitable donations, some of them substantial, but securing the loan for the building took a little longer than they had hoped, until one of those donors stepped in.

“I think what really helped the process along was an anonymous donor went to the bank and basically guaranteed the loan,” Carter said.

As soon as the club closes the purchase on the building, Carter said she intends to begin renovations. 

She has applied for grants to help fund repairs — including fixing a leak in the roof she said must be repaired before opening the building for business — but is looking for volunteers to help with the work.

“If anybody would be willing to volunteer, I’d be happy to have them,” Carter said.

The club will operate a secondhand furniture and appliance store out of one side of the building as a means of generating a continuous revenue stream.

Carter said she hopes to have the secondhand store open for business by mid-June. She said people can donate any furniture or major appliances still “in good condition” to the club’s store. The club will not accept old cathode ray tube TVs.

Renovation and repair work will continue throughout the summer to prepare the rest of the building for kids, according to Carter. A Boys and Girls Club “safety team” will be doing a walkthrough to ensure the building is ready to accept kids.

Carter has set Aug. 16 as a target date for having a grand opening for the club.

“We are just really, really excited,” she said of the move.


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