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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Busy weekend gives a boost to businesses


By Anthony Varriano
Ranger-Review Staff Writer

St. Patrick’s Day, the Makoshika basketball tournament and a dance competition contributed to what many local businesses said was one of the most profitable weekends of the year.

Maddhatter’s general manager Michael Houck said the restaurant had roughly 200 guests on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Their average daily guest count is 57 this time of year.

“It was pretty busy,” he said. “Our lunches were probably four times what we usually do.”

The Yellowstone River Inn was also packed, but not just by its usual guests working in the Bakken region. The hotel was full, as usual, but night manager Jessica McIntare said the bar wasn’t busier than normal despite the casino seeing a lot of traffic. People were eating, though.

“It was busy in the restaurant,” she said. “During lunch we had a lot of big tables come in. I think there were five or six (tables) of 10 people each, and at dinner we had 22 walk in.”

Of course, the bars experienced their usual success thanks to the pub crawl. The VFW, Legion and Oasis were packed to capacity in the presence of the bagpipe band Saturday night. The Twilight was also stuffed like a can of sardines, but the newly renovated Legion saw the best success.

Manager Michelle Lutter, who started working at the Legion in October 2013, said she hasn’t seen a busier night.

“That was the best night we’ve had in a long time,” she said. “Excellent night.”

Lutter added that attendance and revenue was “way up from last year,” citing the open container allowance as a reason for the success.

“I think St. Patrick’s Day is the biggest day of the year, and I think it’s because they allow the open container.”

The weekend may not have sparked many retail sales, but gas stations and grocers certainly saw an uptick in revenue, and the crowded streets certainly displayed how alive Glendive is. 

Anthony Varriano can be contacted at rrwriter@rangerreview.com.

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