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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Clean-up Week a chance for city to shine


By Jason Stuart

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Glendive will have a golden opportunity to get a little cleaner this April.

The Glendive City Council approved donating $1,000 towards landfill fees for Community Clean-up Week on Tuesday night. The event will run April 21-25.

During that week, residents of Glendive and Dawson County can pick up a coupon from the Glendive Chamber of Commerce. The coupon entitles the bearer to bring a single load of junk to the Glendive landfill free of charge.

The free landfill drop-offs will be available until all the money donated towards the landfill fees is used up.

Glendive Public Works Director Jack Rice said the event has been held around the same time for years, and that it’s purpose is “so the town looks nice.”

“It always coincides with Earth Day, and the idea is to clean up a little,” Rice said.

The intent of Community Clean-up Week, Rice said, is for groups and volunteer organizations to participate in ridding the community’s public spaces of litter. 

“The idea is for volunteer organizations to pick up trash on roadsides, parks (and other public spaces)," Rice said. “It was never the intent to clear out your garage and have it hauled for free. Of course, you can’t police that.”

The event is also an opportunity for volunteers to help the elderly and disabled rid their yards of unwanted junk. During the event, there is no charge applied to any waste brought to the landfill, including large items like refrigerators, ovens or other household appliances.

Rice pointed out prohibited items like batteries and chemicals are still forbidden.

The event also cannot be used as a way for commercial enterprises to dispose of their waste.

The city will also be providing large trash bags to the Chamber that will be available when residents pick up their coupons.

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