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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Community Christmas dinner back on for this year

Did you and your family enjoy past Glendive Christmas Dinners? Did you hear of others who recognized this event for the genuine value it brings to people and our community?

As Glendive moves into the holiday season, please be aware that the annual Christmas Dinner historically hosted by the Men of Promise and a whole lot of volunteers, community businesses and private donors will continue in this incredible, valuable, community tradition! The hosting agent is now called Glendive Community Christmas which is a compilation of great people moved by the true spirit of Christmas and community. This year, organizational needs will be directed by Katy Peterson and organization of foods will be by Betsey Hedrick. Let’s jump in and help them make this wonderful. This will require lots of helping hands.

Glendive Community Christmas is organized for the purpose of bringing the community together on Christmas Day, to serve dinner, provide comradery, music, Santa and small gifts for kids. We extend invitation to all individuals in the area, the more the merrier is what we like to say. Glendive Community Christmas looks forward to supporting the community by giving back while preparing for the next year’s Christmas Dinner.

This large event brings the true meaning of Christmas to town. All are welcome to this free Christmas dinner with all the trimmings. A free will donation will be taken to help cover the cost of this function. Please honor our incredible local businesses, churches, private donors and volunteers who help make this event a reality.

We will need a huge list of volunteers to once again pull this feat off. These include: set up, pie cutters, decorating, turkey and ham cutter, purchasing/gathering the toys for kids, potatoes, entertainment at the children’s table, salads, greeters,                                                          servers, Santa, bussing tables, singers/entertainers, dish washers, filling baskets for home delivery, take down and clean-up crews, delivering baskets, snow removal, not to mention all the organizational challenges, food purchasing and preparation.  Please help.

Call Katy at 687-7387 and volunteer your time/talent/donation. Help us keep this valuable tradition alive! You may have other plans for Christmas Day, but please consider being a part of this tradition by offering your support or helping with set up, decorating, or clean up.  And, please note that in keeping with tradition, all remaining funding after the cost of the event will be donated back to the community.  Keep visiting our Facebook page at Glendive Community Christmas for updates or call 687-7387.

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