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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

County deals with road washouts

By Vicki Viall

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Recent rains have caused washouts on some county roads, something the road department is working hard to address.

Dawson County Road Department supervisor told the Dawson County commissioners that recent rains have created some road conditions that required immediate work. He spoke to the commissioners at their meeting held on Tuesday, July 15.

During his presentation, Sharbono noted his department would be working on cleaning up Road 437 this week.

As of Thursday, July 17, Sharbono confirmed the work on that road was complete.

Sharbono also said Road 229 has been washed out by recent rains. Now that work on Road 437 has been completed, work will begin on Road 229.

In other business covered during the meeting, Commissioner Adam Gartner read an alert concerning spills along the roads leading to Oaks Disposal. Since the roads are owned by the state, the state is responsible for making sure any spill in the area are cleaned up, he said. The State Highway Department’s Hazardous Material Cleanup team requested that any potential spills be reported to them at 406-377-2364 immediately upon seeing a spill.

During the public comments, Doug Byron brought to the commissioners attention that a speed limit sign is down on Canary Road. He also reminded them about the numerous potholes on Jefferson School Road.

Sharbono informed all attendees that his department is working with the commissioners now to obtain a contract to repair Jefferson School Road.

Vicki Viall can be contacted at rrwriter@rangerreview.com.

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