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Thursday, March 22, 2018

County sewage district consolidation planned



By Jason Stuart

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The days of West Glendive operating under three separate sewage districts are numbered.

The Dawson County Commissioners are forging ahead with a plan to consolidate the three sewage Special Improvement Districts under West Glendive Public Works — West Glendive, Forest Park and Highland Park — into a new Metropolitan Sanitary Sewer District No. One.

The move is being made in response to construction of Glendive’s new wastewater treatment plant. The county will be connecting the West Glendive sewer system to the new plant. 

Consolidating the disparate county sewer districts into the new metropolitan district will, among other streamlining benefits, allow all the districts’ construction and maintenance funds to be consolidated into a single fund.

The Glendive City Council gave their approval to the plan on Tuesday night. The city’s approval was required because some of the customers on the West Glendive sewage systems are within city limits.

West Glendive residents now have 30 days to give public comment on the plan. 

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