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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Photo submitted by Donna Merrill

Current, former Glendive residents gather in Arizona

For the Ranger-Review

Former Glendive residents Jack and Georgia Gannon organized the Fourth Annual Beer Jug Bash in Apache Junction, Ariz. on March 4. 

The event brings together former Dawson County residents and snowbirds in the Arizona area. 

“It all started five years ago when Bernie Anderson and I were visiting about what a small world it is down here and how so many Glendive people were here for the winter. We talked about a party and getting everyone together,” Georgia said.

She said that she and her husband Jack decided to host the first Beer Jug Bash the next year.

“We have so many fond memories of spending time with friends and family in the Beer Jug during the 25 years we called Glendive home, and we both love the swiss brat sandwiches. Thus the ‘copy-cat’ name and food selections,” she said, adding that they even serve super nachos.

In 2016, Dawson County residents Adam and Barb Gartner flew down for the party and brought with them authentic Beer Jug horseradish. They Gartners weren’t able to make the Beer Jug Bash this year, but they did ship rye buns ordered from Reynolds Market to be enjoyed at the event.

The first event had about 15 attendees on the couple’s old deck. Since then, the number of the people and the size of the deck has doubled. This year there were 41 in attendance. 

The Gannons also added a 6 p.m. drawing for a six pack (like those held at the Beer Jug).

Georgia said the they welcome all former and current Glendivians to join in the fun of “good food, good friends and lots of reminiscing.”

The Beer Jug Bash is held the first Saturday of March.

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