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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Buckcherry will perform at the Dawson County Fair in August.

Dawson County Fair concert will feature rock band Buckcherry

By Jason Stuart

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The Dawson County Fair will be rockin’ again this year.

Despite some grousing about that development on some local social media sites, fair manager Connie Hilger makes no apologies for it.

Hilger said the fair board agreed as a whole to bring Los Angeles-based hard rock band “Buckcherry” to headline the entertainment for this year’s fair. She said the decision to bring in a rock band for the second straight year was made as part of an ongoing effort to try to make the fair appeal to a wider audience.

“One thing we need to try to do is balance everything in the fair to fit every taste, and we found we were missing the demographic of the rock music lovers,” Hilger said. “There’s no secret formula, we’re just trying to entertain the most people.”

She also noted the Dawson County Fair is in direct competition with other local fairs for music acts and fair audiences, which also works into their choice of performers.

“We find we are also competing with neighboring fairs, and that needs to be part of our decision making as well,” Hilger said. “For example, Sidney is known for bringing in very top current country acts, and that’s hard for us to compete with financially.”

Whatever the fair is doing seems to be working, according to Hilger, as fair attendance has spiked in recent years.

“We’re getting enough new interest in the fair thanks to new people in town and we’re getting more community interest in the fair,” she said.

No major changes to the fair are planned this year, save one. Hilger said the fair board has discussed moving the exhibit judging up by one day so that  the fair exhibits are already judged by the time the fair opens to the public.

“That way the exhibits would be judged and the ribbons hanging at the fair’s official start,” she said. “I think everybody’s in agreement that’s where we’re going to go.”

One other thing Hilger hopes to have changed by the fair’s start is the bathroom situation at the fairgrounds. 

The fair board is working on a plan to replace the older of the two bathroom facilities at the fairgrounds. Most of the funding for the project is in place, and Hilger said the only wait now is on a set of plans for the new bathrooms, which she said are needed before they can put the project out for bid.

Hilger said she expects to have the plans in hand “any day” and remains hopeful the new bathrooms can be completed before the fair begins.

The Dawson County Fair runs Aug. 7-11. Visit http://dawsonfair.com for information and ticket sales. Hilger said she expects to have concert tickets for sale by May 1.


Reach Jason Stuart at rrreporter@rangerreview.com.

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