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Sunday, February 18, 2018

DCEDC will request county replace diverted funding


By Vicki Viall

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The Dawson County Economic Development Council finds its budget $4,000 short as the result of the county money specified for economic development being diverted to a different organization. Now, members of the council are trying to find a way to get that funding back.

Paul Hopfauf, DCEDC board chairman, shared with council members during the DCEDC meeting held on Tuesday, July 15 that he visited with the Dawson County Commissioners to discuss a $4,000 shortage that resulted from a diversion of mill levy funds from the county to Eastern Plains Economic Development Corporation.

He said he was informed by the commissioners that DCEDC can submit a written request to the commissioners asking to have $4,000 returned to their budget.

Hopfauf said he also relayed his concern to the commissioners that the DCEDC had never been informed by the commissioners that the $4,000 would be pulled from DCEDC.

“We agree that a heads up would have been in order,” Hopfauf said

“Regardless of what should have been done, things must be done properly now,” DCEDC board member Darrell DeLange said.

“There should be a three-way partnership between Glendive, Dawson County and the DCEDC,” Hopfauf said. “But clearly, that is not happening.”

“It is our desire to work and support with DCEDC and Eastern Plains Economic Development and to see both of them work together and support each other for the good of Dawson County,” Gartner said in an interview last week.

Vicki Viall can be contacted at rrwriter@rangerreview.com.


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