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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

 Former Washington Middle School teacher Bruce Peterson looks at his experiments which created a ‘Genie in a Bottle’. Peterson was the commencement speaker for the graduating class of 2014. He performed two experiments during his speech. Several members of the graduating class stand as the rest of their classmates file in during Pomp and Circumstance.

DCHS graduates smallest class in 85 years

By Dara Deines

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The graduation of Dawson County High School Class of 2014 took place May 25 in the high school gymnasium. The class of 64 students was the smallest DCHS class to graduate since 1929.

Four valedictorians addressed their fellow students: Josef Hageman, Hadyn Peterson, Michaela Sevier and Carly Svenvold each spoke. 

After the choir sang, Superintendent Ross Farber introduced commencement speaker Bruce Peterson. 

Peterson was the eighth grade science teacher at Washington Middle School for many years and had taught a large majority of the graduating class. Peterson told the graduating class he wasn’t much of a speaker, but he kept the attention of the students using science during his speech.  

He used the elements for life, which he referred to as CHNOPS, to create a metaphor for what each of the students should do and hold themselves to for years to come. CHNOPS represents character, humor, nutrition, opportunity, persistence and service. 

He performed two different experiments while he was speaking. One of these experiments was to show a copper “tree” being turned into silver. 

At the end of his speech, Peterson gave small packets of silver to each of the students. He gave each student one to keep and one to give to someone. The second was to be used to pay it forward, to let someone in that student’s life “know they impacted your life,” he said.


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