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Saturday, March 24, 2018

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Enchanted Room goes through co-owner change-up

By Kyle Vuille

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

After a 22 year partnership with the Enchanted Room and Laura Glueckert, Myrna Quale is retiring on a bittersweet note.

“You come to an age when you have to decide when it’s time to stop,” Quale said.

The Enchanted Room came about some 20 years ago after Myrna had worked in the fabric department at Anderson’s and a couple years in a craft shop owned by Dave Steiner. 

According to Quale, herself and another gal she worked with were tired of working under a third party and were planning to start their own business venture. Glueckert was doing floral arrangements out of her home at the time and was interested in the business venture herself. 

The business partners opened the doors of the Enchanted Room at its original and current location at 222 W Towne St. and according to Quale, the building was good enough that the two could invest more of their money into the products they carried.

“I always thought it was a good location,” Quale said.

Over the years, Quale and Glueckert grew their business, attending quilt and gift markets far and wide from Portland, Ore. to Salt Lake City, Utah.

“I remember going to quilt classes in Dickinson and Medora and that spread the word,” Quale said.

Glueckert remembers those early days as well going into Anderson’s to the fabric department and buying fabric from Quale. 

Glueckert said her fondest memories of working with Quale over the years was just growing the business and being involved with such a special group of people.

“Everyday we worked with people creating such beautiful things,” Glueckert.

Over the years, the Enchanted Room has been in several magazines. Glueckert spoke of being featured in Quilt Sampler as one of the best ten shops in the country as well as being in the magazine’s 15th anniversary issue.

As of last Spring, According to new Enchanted Room co-owner, Lisa Kelly, Quale and Glueckert approached  her about the possibility of taking Quale’s spot in the partnership and Quale expressing her desire to retire.

Kelly has had her own photography business for nine years and has worked in a business setting for all her adult life.

“I’ve always had an extreme interest in home decor and with photography, I have an eye for color,” Kelly said.

Kelly said she is looking forward to learning from Glueckert and is excited to pick up on her expertise.

Kelly said she is also excited about carrying in a new perspective to the business and diving into the digital world with a new website and using social media to promote the business through e-commerce.

With retirement in clear site now, Quale looks back to the years of working at the Enchanted Room and has fond memories of her own, enjoying her time buying fabrics for the store and meeting people who share her passion.

“Quilters are just happy people so that’s what I’ll miss most and I loved working alongside Laura and going to the quilt markets with her,” Quale said.

Quale mentioned she is looking forward to what Glueckert and Kelly will do for the store because, in her own words, “I think it’s going to grow more because Laura and Lisa are really good with the furniture part.”

Quale said she is no longer a partner in the store, but will still be in and out of the Enchanted Room as she will  be offering quilting classes for anyone who is interested.

Quale said she will spend newly found free time working around the house and trying to visit family such as her sister in Wyoming, her other sister in Miles City and her kids living in various parts of Montana.

“When all you do is work for a long time,” Quale said. “You neglect other things.”

As for Glueckert, Quale will be sorely missed and she is appreciative of the years Quale stood by her and helped with the store.

“She is an exceptional seamstress, knowledgeable in all aspects of sewing,” Glueckert said. “And I’m most grateful she always supported some of my visions and she was the one who encouraged me to do this or do that or to tell me to take the risk when I was apprehensive.”

The Enchanted Room is hosting a retirement open house in Quale’s honor Sunday, Oct. 1 at the Yellowstone River Inn from 2-4 p.m.

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