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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Kyle Vuille

Kirke Kollective brings local vendors together

By Kyle Vuille

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

A historical piece of Glendive has risen from the ashes, thus creating the Kirke Collective.

The Kirke (Kier-Kah) Kollective located at 320 E. Power St. was originally the Scandinavian Lutheran Church and dates back to 1908.

According to owner of Kirke Collective, Kara Schultz, she chose the word “Kirke” as it is the Norwegian word for church.

Nowadays beautiful antiques, trinkets, clothing, furniture and “tchotchkes”  – as Schultz describes them – fill the upstairs of the  church building while handmade light fixtures hang from the vaulted ceilings.

Schultz and her husband, Jeff, moved to Glendive three years ago and bought the old church in July.

The couple has three kids and waited for them to return to school before real work on the building began.

Kara said the whole place (excluding the basement) was cleaned, old paint was scraped off the bricks and a new paint job brought the place up to speed with the help of local contractors and volunteers.

“We’re very blessed to open a business in such a supportive community,” Kara said. “We had so many volunteers coming in and painting and helping around.”

Kara said she remembered saying to herself and her husband after the couple purchased the over 100-year-old building, “It’s a part of Glendive history, we have to save it, we can’t let it to turn into another pigeon den.”

The building now features a working, licensed commercial kitchen and will serve as a coffeehouse as a well as a place to shop.

“We will do a ‘meal of the day’ and take and bake casseroles along with the coffee,” Kara said. The kitchen is also available to rent. Kara also has plans to host cooking and meal prep classes. The grand counter space the kitchen currently has lends itself to such classes.

The Kirke Kollective’s retail portion is comprised of many items from local vendors whose products range from children’s boutique clothing to lighting fixtures.

“That’s what is so great about Glendive, people are so crafty and creative,” Kara said.

With a background in business start ups and non-profits, Kara said she loves the fact of being a collective because she saw an opportunity to showcase what the community has to offer. She has opened her shop doors to those who can’t open their own store or those who are unsure of how well their products would be received.

“It’s a chance for people to just test it out,” Kara said.

She said the recent Zonta craft fair gave her the opportunity to be supportive of other businesses and vice versa by recommending each other’s businesses to out-of-towners while they were in town.

Despite being concerned about the location not being in a business district, Kara said she has a feeling the collective will be successful and has had a good reception so far.

“It gives you a good feeling when you walk in, the windows are magnificent,” Kara said. “Natural lighting is so healing.”

The history of the building has brought in community members and has brought up a lot of memories for folks who saw the church in its former glory days.

“When people come in, they say they were baptized here or ‘oh we were married here,’” Kara said. “That’s what makes this place so special, all the memories.”

As a result of all these shared memories of the old church, Kara plans to have a designated memory book where folks can reminisce in writing.

Though she said she never set out to be a coffee shop, Kara said she will host small private dinner parties with the first happening this weekend.

Kara noted she will use a vintage dinner set up and real sterling silver silverware.

She mentioned how grateful she feels to be able to house antiques or people’s personal collections of everything under the sun instead of someone’s life long collection being thrown away. 

She described the Kirke as having a good mix of antiques, clothes and goodies of old and new, something for everyone.

During the holidays, the Kollective will also sell live Christmas trees.

The Kirke Kollective is currently open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday. 

For business inquiries, call (407) 473-3995 or email korbingroup@gmail.com.



Garnet + Me - Baby beanies/ hair bows

Tiny Tots and Mamas, too - Minky blankets/ pillow case

Oak Design - embroidered towels

Fugly Wear - hats, mittens

Vintage Works - lighting and furniture

Sweet Serendipity - repurposed/refinished furniture

Junkapalooza - furniture, decor, homemade caramel apples

Mia Lucci - homemade cake pops and treats

My Grandma Had That - antiques/collectables

DM Metalworks - custom hangers/welded sculptures

Signed by Ashley - Kid’s clothing

Papercrafting Pals - farmhouse signs/ decor


Jan Smart - glassware/collectables


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