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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Local nonprofits reap benefits of Give Local Day

By Jason Stuart

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Local residents found their inner philanthropist in a big way for this year’s Give Local America Day on May 4, pushing a couple of local non-profits to the top of the list for donation receipts amongst the more than 600 non-profit organizations across the state which participated in this year’s event.

The Greater Glendive Community Foundation received $7,966 from this year’s Give Local Day. That tally ranks second out of the 609 organizations across the state which took part in the event, with only the Anaconda Community Foundation bringing in more. A total of 31 people donated to GGCF on May 4, the third most donors of any participating organization.

The GGCF is in the process of trying to raise $35,000 to cover the foundry fees for a life-size version of local sculptor Pamela Harr’s bronze statue “Born to Hunt” to place in the downtown city parking lot. GGCF president Peggy Iba said she was “absolutely thrilled” with the amount of donations which came in on Give Local Day and how much closer it pushed the GGCF towards their goal.

“It was absolutely fantastic for that ‘Born to Hunt’ life-size bronze,” Iba said. “The support was unbelievable. I know it’s going to go now for sure.”

Including some $5,200 the GGCF has received in memorials for the late Ty Milne, Iba said the organization is well on their way to reaching their fundraising goal for the statue.

“So we’re quite a ways down the road, and I know a number of people are planning to order the bronze,” Iba said. “We’re at least a third of the way there, if not more.”

Also performing well in this year’s Give Local Day was the Glendive Community Cancer Fund. They received $1,850 for the day, good enough to rank seventh amongst the participating organizations across the state.

“Obviously, it was a great day,” said Carol Condon, director of the Glendive Medical Center Foundation. “Lots of wonderful folks came in and made gifts.”

Condon added that all of those who gave to the 15 total local organizations and charities which participated in the event deserve appreciation for directly giving back to their community.

“We thank everyone,” she said. “I think the greatest gift someone can do is to make a gift locally to give to their friends rather than to a national organization.”

Reach Jason Stuart at rrreporter@rangerreview.com.

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