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Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Dawson Community College graduating class of 2014 received diplomas Thursday night. Lt. Governor Angela McLean was the commencement speaker. Eighty-seven students received diplomas or certificates during the ceremony.

Lt. governor commends DCC grads

By Anthony Varriano

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Newly appointed lieutenant governor Angela McLean echoed the words of President John F. Kennedy during her commencement speech for the 87 graduates of Dawson Community College in the Toepke Center on Thursday night.

McLean, a former American history and government teacher at Anaconda High School, first thanked DCC President Michael Simon for the privilege to address the graduates and commended not only the students, but parents, faculty and staff for their efforts as well.

“As a classroom teacher and a mother, I’ve always believed in the power of public education,” she said.

McLean is a native of Twin Bridges and has served on the Montana Board of Education. She has been on the Montana Board of Regents overseeing the higher education system since 2010 and was elected chair in 2012.

“This is a time for boldness and energy,” McLean said, citing Kennedy. She then gnoted the boldness and energy present in the 2014 DCC graduating class, including the 2,400 hours of community service completed by DCC students as an example of their “energetic spirit.”

“Our future is bright, and Montana’s future is bright, thanks to your energy,” she said. “I look forward to working with you as you leave this gymnasium tonight.”

McLean stayed to speak with graduates after the ceremony, even signing a few autographs and handing out business cards for students to reach the office of the governor.



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