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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Parking tickets have been up significantly over the past two weeks.

Number of parking tickets increases

“Now that we are finally getting fully staffed, it’s a little bit easier to work on things like parking,” Glendive Chief of Police Ty Ulrich


By Jason Stuart
Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Drivers in Glendive should perhaps be a little more careful to abide by the city’s parking ordinances.

In the last few weeks, Glendive City Court records have shown a distinct increase in the number of parking tickets being written by Glendive Police. This past week, the GPD wrote a total of 16 parking tickets.

Police Chief Ty Ulrich said the rise in parking tickets is a function of two main factors.

One factor is that with improved weather, police have been less busy responding to accidents and the like, giving them more time to be on the lookout for parking violations.

“Other calls have slowed down a bit, so we’re looking at parking a little bit more,” Ulrich said. “If time allows, we try to work on parking a little bit more. We’ve been concentrating a lot on that as time allows.”

The primary factor, however, according to Ulrich, is that he now simply has more officers to patrol the streets. The GPD is now at its full complement of nine officers for the first time in a while.

“Now that we are finally getting fully staffed, it’s a little bit easier to work on things like parking,” Ulrich said. “We’re getting more people, so we can start doing more. The main thing is staffing.”

According to Ulrich, the department’s official policy is to immediately deal with any parking violation that poses a public safety hazard. Violations not posing a safety risk are dealt with as officers are able.

Glendive’s parking regulations can be accessed online via the City Codes tab on the city’s website at www.cityofglendive.us. Parking regulations are codified under Title 6, Chapter 2 of the city code.

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