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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Parents concerned about math at DCHS


By Jason Stuart

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

A group of parents are concerned about their children’s education in math at Dawson County High School.

Representatives of the group and some affected students appeared before the Glendive Unified School Board Monday night to express their misgivings.

Parents’ concerns revolve around one teacher at DCHS. For reasons of privacy, board members were careful to ensure neither the teacher’s name nor any identifying information about them was revealed.

Brenda Evans spoke to the GUSB on the parents’ behalf, laying out a list of grievances and questions about the way the teacher in question is teaching math.

Evans said that students were “frustrated” and could not advance their math skills “in the current teaching method.”

She also said that students were spending “an inordinate amount of time” on geometry and algebra, and that despite the long hours spent on those subjects, students’ grades and grade point averages were falling.

“Students are being quizzed on subject matter that has not been covered in class, leaving them to fail,” she said.

Evans told the board that efforts by parents to communicate their concerns with the teacher have been unproductive, claiming that the teacher has been “defensive” and in turn accused students of cheating and lying and being disruptive and disrespectful in class.

“A majority of the blame has been placed on the students,” she said.

Ultimately, Evans said parents have come to believe that their children are “failing at the hands of a teacher who cannot teach.”

The group of parents told the GUSB and administrators they wanted to see an immediate “action plan” from school officials to address their concerns.

“Time is of the essence, as we are more than halfway through the third quarter,” Evans said.

As of Thursday, Farber said he had met with administrators and was in the process of putting together a plan to address the situation.

“We take it seriously and we are working on it,” Farber said.

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