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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Preschool screenings slated


A Preschool (Child Find) Screening will be conducted for children attending Richey and Dawson County Rural Schools, which includes Bloomfield, Deer Creek and Lindsay. These screenings are for ages birth through five years of age and children entering kindergarten next fall are encouraged to attend.

•Wednesday, March 12 in RICHEY Please call (406) 773-5523 for an appointment.

• Wednesday, March 19 9-11 a.m. – DAWSON RURAL SCHOOLS at Prairie View Special Services, 30 Hwy. 200 S., Glendive. (Bloomfield, Deer Creek and Lindsay communities, please call 377-5446 for an appointment.)

These screenings are provided as a public service at no cost to the parents by the Bloomfield, Deer Creek, Lindsay and Richey schools. The areas of development to be screened include hearing, vision, speech-language, fine and gross motor, general health and concepts.

If you have a child at home between the ages of birth and five years of age and would like to have him/her included in this screening, please call Prairie View Special Services at (406) 377-5446 or Richey School at (406) 377-5523 to arrange for an appointment.

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