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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Purple toilets raise cash to flush away cancer

By Vicki Viall

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

There have been unusual discoveries around Glendive this past week. People have been finding purple toilets placed outside their homes and businesses.

The toilets are a brainchild of a Relay for Life team. 

A member of the Jaycees saw a purple toilet and the brain juices started flowing. 

Out of that came a fundraiser including five purple toilets which have been seen all over Glendive.

Heather Denning and Tessa  Konieczka of the Glendive Jaycees’ Relay for Life Team delivered one toilet to the office of the Glendive Ranger Review, which was just one of the 33 deliveries made this week alone. So far, $910 has been raised through the toilets.

This team will also host a garage sale on Aug. 16 with all proceeds going to Relay for Life. The sale will be at 205 Georgetown Dr.

A donation to any team is going to a worthy cause, if you feel led to throw your money in a toilet, please feel free to contact them via phone or text to 406-941-2261.

To have a toilet removed from your yard or business, the cost is $10. To have a toilet delivered to someone, the cost is $20. Toilet insurance to save you from additional toilet deliveries for this year is $30.

Donations will be accepted up to the event. There will be purple toilets on site during the actual walk, as well.

The Glendive Relay for Life is scheduled for Sept. 6 in Eyer Park. The American Cancer Society page lists six teams. Though there are more than that, donations can be made directly to the American Cancer Society or a specific team on that page or purchase luminarias.

That website is http://relay.acsevents.org/.

There is still time to make plans to participate in the relay.

The first lap of the walk is an honor bestowed upon survivors. Then the walk begins in earnest.

The lighting of the luminarias is a sight everyone should see. The public is welcome to show up near dark on Sept. 6 to witness this event.

To learn more about that or how to join a team or to make a donation, contact information can be found on the website listed above or contact Heather at 406-941-2261.

Flush some money and help eradicate cancer.

Vicki Viall can be contacted at rrwriter@rangerreview.com.

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