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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Reviewing the Past

Following are articles as they appeared in the Ranger-Review, the Dawson County Review, and Glendive Independent, 25, 50 & 100 years ago this month.

25 Years Ago

Rod Wall said his desire to see what the missionary way of life was like prompted him to join a group of Americans who recently spent two months in the Philippines.

A 1989 graduate of Dawson County High school, Wall will be a senior this fall at Canadian Bible College in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

He said the experience was different than he expected, although he tried to go in without preconceived ideas. He went with a group of seven others who were affiliated with the Christian Missionary Alliance Church.

“I really didn’t have too many ideas of what it would be like. I really didn’t know what to expect.”

While he said part of what he saw and felt in difficult to put into words, just seeing another culture has given him new experiences.

“It’s not easy to live in a culture that isn’t your own,” he remarked.

“It’s a country with at least 80 different languages. Some islands may have three different languages and each island tends to have its own culture and beliefs.”

He said it seemed like they ate five or six times a day. Wall tried the local favorite which is called “Balut.” It is similar to a hard boiled egg, but instead of a chicken embryo it contains a 14-, 16-, or 18-day-old chick. While Wall said he doesn’t really think anything about eating an egg when it contained a 14-day-old chick, it was a little different.

- - - - -

The city needs to take a serious look at its options with the Bell Street Bridge, according to Dawson County Disaster and Emergency Services Coordinator Art Zody.

Zody, also a member of the Glendive City Council, sent a letter to the council expressing his concerns as DES coordinator.

“I do have some real concerns regarding the possibility of disasters,” Zody told the council.

According to an underwater inspection final report, “The overall condition of pier two is moderate with extensive deterioration found in the pier and the concrete footing. Both the protected, upstream end and downstream end of the pier have sustained damage and loss of concrete.

“The overall condition of pier three is poor with typical spalling and scaling found above and below water. Severe damage was found at the pier-footing joint with additional damage at the pier shaft and around the footing.”

While the city and county decided to close the bridge after the release of the July 15 report, County Commissioner Judy Reddig recently sent a letter to the council asking the two groups to meet and discuss the bridge.

She said the commissioners were contacted by a company which stated it would like to provide a cost estimate for repairing the bridge.

50 Years Ago

Miss Eastern Montana of 1967 is Korinne Whitney, who will begin her senior year at Dawson County High School next week. She was crowned Tuesday night by Sue Hein, last year’s winner, during the annual pageant at the Rose Theatre.

 -- - - -

The Dawson County Red Devils went in at halftime with a one-point lead and then held on grimly in the second half to narrowly edge the Hardin Bulldogs 7-6 in the season opener at Perham field jammed to capacity for the first game.

A rugged Bulldog line effectively contained the Devils running game, by limiting Dawson to a total of 54 yards rushing during the contest. The Devils on the other hand came up with the big defensive play, mostly in the secondary, to stall the Hardin drives and this was the story of the low-scoring season opener.

100 Years Ago



Miss Jeannette Rankin, congress woman from Montana, has introduced House Bill 5370, which provides for the payment to the dependent family of each enlisted man of the organized militia or National guard called or drafted into the service of the United States, not more than $75 per month, the scale to be graduated up to that figure from $30 per month according to the number of children in the family.

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