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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

School facilities assessment moves forward

By Jason Stuart

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The Glendive Unified School Board has narrowed the field of architectural firms to conduct a facilities assessment and feasibility study of the district’s buildings.

The GUSB’s Facilities and Transportation Committee met Monday to review cost estimates submitted by the six firms which responded to the district’s initial request for proposals for the project.

The GUSB had committed to spend between $20,000 to $30,000 on the study, but most of the estimates they received came in much higher, ranging from $30,000 to $100,000.

“I was afraid (the estimates) were going to come in pretty high,” said Superintendent Ross Farber. “The board has to maybe set a little bit more realistic (dollar amount).”

Farber added that he believed the study would cost at least $60,000.

“We can say we need new buildings, but we have to legitimately answer why,” he said.

Trustee Jeanne Seifert also said the district had to spend the money on the facilities assessment study before moving forward with any other plans.

“The first thing really is getting a true picture of our existing buildings,” she said. “That really is the bottom line: Are the buildings meeting the needs for education?”

The district has set a target date of July 1 for completion of the study.

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