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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The first concrete pour at the Brett Fitch Memorial Skate Park took place on Tuesday, and by Friday the forms were beginning to take shape. The skate park is expected to be complete in mid-August.The addition of the bowl is shown in these updated plans for the Brett Fitch Memorial Skate Park. The bowl is in the lower righthand side of the plan drawing.

Skate park gets unexpected donation for a bowl addition

By Dara Deines

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The Brett Fitch Memorial Skate Park is well on its way. Dreamland Skate Parks made the first pour of concrete on June 3.

“I was there for the first pour,” Fitch Foundation member Karen Ballentine said.  “It was a big deal for me.” 

The Fitch Foundation held a public meeting Wednesday to discuss progress of the skate park. President Brenda Rose announced there would be a “bowl” added to the plans for the skate park.

As indicated by the name, the bowl will feature curved walls which allow skaters to gain momentum.

The addition of the bowl is made possible by donations from Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam and the Montana Pool Service. Ament grew up in Big Sandy, and while achieving tremendous success in the music industry as the bassist and co-founder of Pearl Jam, he has made it a mission to pay it back as an activist, philanthropist and skate park builder. 

“I can’t wait to come out to the badlands and skate your new park,” Ament said in a press release.

The Fitch Foundation will be doing fundraisers throughout the summer.  They will be doing raffle ticket fundraisers, fourth of July barbecue and a car wash. It is also possible to donate online at fitchfoundationmt.org 

During the summer there is usually a skateboard competition. The date of this competition will also be the opening day of the skate park, held at the skate park. 

The original date for the skate park’s completion was Aug. 8. The estimated date of completion is now Aug. 15.  


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