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Saturday, March 24, 2018

L-R: Ron Conrad reads trivia questions during the Battle of the Brains Trivia Night last Saturday at the Moose Lodge. Twylla McPherson and Andrine Haas judge responses to earlier questions while Leslie Hunter and Cindy Gregory tabulate the results. The event was a fundraiser for the Friends of the Library. Twenty teams of up to eight members each competed in a contest that lasted five hours.

Trivia Night a rousing success


The Friends of the Library held the first ever “Battle of the Brains” Trivia Night at the Glendive Moose Lodge on Saturday, March 29. The first annual Battle of the Brains Trivia Night was emceed by the talented Ron Conrad. The event was a fundraiser to raise funds for library programming and projects.

The Friends of the Library were overwhelmed with gratitude by the community response. The group was hoping for at least eight teams, and there were 20 teams that participated. There were over 200 individuals who attended the event on a team or as an audience member. 

The winners of the first annual “Battle of the Brains” Trivia Night were the Dawson Community College Team, Buc ‘N’ Genius. Team members were Sue Peterson, Todd Knispel, Mary Ann Vester, Tom Reeves, Mike Hunter, Barrett Jordan, Deb Vogel, and Teresa Schulte.  The second place team was the GEEKS, and third place team was the Rowdy Rangers.

“The Friends of the Library were pleased that tonight’s event was a success, and we have ideas to make next year’s event even better for the participants,” stated library director Dawn Kingstad. “We are so grateful for the generous response from our community”

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