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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Vicki Viall photo

Vendor relies on mom's secret recipe

By Vicki Viall

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Dawson County Superintendent of Schools Steve Engebretson is trying his hand at a family tradition. Recently, he boarded a west bound bus to start a new life as a food truck vendor.

Following a decision by Steve’s parents to retire from the life of mobile meals, Steve is considering taking over as owner and operator of Anna and Ole’s Viking Vending. But first he wants to test his market.

Engebretson made his debut with the truck during the Prairie County Fair last weekend in Terry. Early indications are that it was both a success and a learning opportunity.

The process began when he took the bus to his parents’ home near Missoula and drove the truck back to Glendive. If all goes well at the Dawson County Fair, Steve plans to finalize the purchase.

This week during his second fair, he is featuring his family speciality “Vikings”. They are meatballs coated in batter, deep fried and served on a stick. Terry literally ate the Vikings up.

Engebretson said the Vikings are made with his mom’s secret recipe. In fact, he wasn’t supposed to have it at all. The recipe had been given to his mother years before and she was sworn to secrecy. It was only to be passed on after her death.  However, the man who provided her with the recipe preceded her in death, so she felt safe sharing the recipe with her son. 

In addition to Vikings, he also serves ribbon potatoes, real monte cristo sandwiches served with raspberry jam, speciality hot dogs, root beer floats, orangesicle floats, coke floats and more.

“I am relying on Mom and Dad’s experience with the truck and counting on their guidance as I take the truck on a couple trial runs,” he said.


Vicki Viall can be contacted at rrwriter@rangerreview.com.

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