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Monday, March 19, 2018

Washington Middle School students got to enter the school’s gym and use it for the first time in nearly two months on Monday. The renovated gym floor boasts a new Demon mascot painted at center court, the Demons nickname painted along the sidelines at both ends, the school’s name painted at both ends and lanes varnished with a darker stain to make them stand out.

Washington Middle School gym is as good as new

A large section of the floor was severely damaged by water in January

By Jason Stuart

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Washington Middle School’s gym floor is back and better than ever.

School officials reopened the gym to students Monday morning. The gym had been completely closed off for repairs since late February.

A large section of the hardwood floor was severely damaged in late January by a leaking steam pipe underneath the floor. 

The steam saturated the hardwood with moisture, caused severe warping and spawned mold in the space beneath. Repairs also required some asbestos abatement, as the old steam pipes were coated in the material.

After replacing the wood in the area that was ruined, sanding, revarnishing and painting the floor, no traces of the damage caused by the steam leak remain. 

In fact, it’s as good as new.

“It rivals most high school gym floors,” Superintendent Ross Farber told members of the Glendive Unified School board last week. “It’s beautiful.”

The renovated floor boasts several new features. 

Painted at center court is a new Demons mascot logo. The school’s name is painted at both ends of the court and the Demons name is painted along the sidelines at both ends. The area inside the keys is also varnished in a much darker stain, making the lanes stand out against the lighter-colored hardwood.

“It just looks really neat,” Farber said of the court’s new look. “Out of disaster, something good has happened there.”

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