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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Jamie Ausk Crisafulli photo

Two qualify for state in first meet

By Eric Killelea

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

When Jayden Holley qualified for the Montana Class A Track and Field Championships by shot-putting 40 feet 10 inches in Glendive on Saturday, he got a much-earned hug from his mother at the Oakland Athletic Complex.

After two lesser attempts, Jayden threw the 12-pound spherical steel shot high into the air and onto the grass. He was stunned at what he heard over the loudspeaker and turned to teammate Tyler Clapp to double-check the measurement. 

After Clapp yelled, “Good job!” it was then that Jayden realized he threw his personal best and secured a spot at State. He lifted his hands and clapped, and then he ran uphill from the shot put ring toward the concession stand, where his mother Chrissy Holley sat with open arms.

“My mom was very excited,” Jayden, 17, said in a  phone interview on Sunday evening. “She had sat there in the cold rain to watch me and I wanted to make her proud.” 

“I teared a little bit, because Jayden is always trying to improve himself,” Chrissy said. “After track practice, he’s always in the weight room or running on the football field with friends. All of his hard work paid off.”

As a freshman, Jayden felt in awe of how far other Red Devils were able to throw the shot. He threw 41 feet that season and has since embarked on a strict weight-lifting regimen to get stronger. Today, he is a four-sport athlete wearing red when playing defensive end, wrestling at 205-pounds, and throwing the shot put, javelin, and discus. He holds a 3.0 GPA and was recently named Teen of the Quarter, with plans of playing baseball for the Blue Devils in the summer. He has two, main athletic goals for the remainder of high school career: play in the Montana East West Shrine Game and beat the DCHS shot put record at 56 feet.

On Saturday, after hugging his mother, Jayden called his girlfriend in Wahpeton, N.D. to share the news. 

“I felt relieved, but even though I qualified for State I still have to make my current goal of placing at State,” he added.

Down on the track and field, several of Jayden’s teammates shined in their own right, especially junior Emily Kuehn, who also qualified for State running 12.11:02 in the 3200-meter - another personal best. 

“It was a great start to the season for both Jayden and Emily,” head coach Dryden said on Monday. “It’s nice to see them able to perform well this early. It’s a credit to their preparation and work.” 

Overall, the boys placed third, trailing behind Sidney and Miles City, while the girls took second to Miles City. 

“Our kids competed hard, but they showed room for improvement,” Dryden said. “The boys did what they were supposed to do, but we were pretty thin on the track and Sidney had some State caliber talent in the sprints and jumps. Some of our veteran girls did well and won the 400-meter-relay, but we have get to that next level, which they’re capable of, so that’s a focus point.” 

Individual winners included Jaley Wyse in the long jump and 100-and-300-meter hurdles, Kendra Zander for the 100-and-200-meter, Karsen Murphy for the high jump and Ase Ackerman in the 1600-meter.

For his season opener, Jayden placed second among 17 throwers, as Sidney junior Carter Hughes shot-putted 49 feet and 9 inches. Jayden, who talked of his recent achievement in over the phone, said he still needs to improve and help his teammates score points at his next meet on Saturday in Baker.

“I feel as the track season goes on, we’ll get better at our events,” Jayden said. “My focus now is to do better than last week.” 

Glendive track results (top eight places):

Boys team scores: Sidney 75, Custer County 69.5, Dawson County 36.5

Girls team scores: Custer County 74, Dawson County 65.33, Sidney 33.66



Jameson Crisafulli, eighth, 12:69 (personal record)


Jameson Crisafulli, fourth, 26:31 (personal record); Nelson Crisafulli, fifth, 27.47 (PR); Kadyn Deckert, sixth, 27.92 (PR); Brandt Ackerman, seventh, 27.96 (PR); Mason Whitmer, eighth, 29.27 (PR)


Tristan Hilgart, second, 56.33 (season record); Caden Mandigo, fourth, 1:09:68 (pr); Nike Djiade, fifth, 1:09:70 (PR); Peterjohn Unterseher, sixth, 1:13:13 (PR)


Tristan Hilgart, second, 2:12:04 (SR)


Ace Ackerman, first, 5:03:16 (SR); Myles Stinnett, fifth, 5:45:83 (SR); Louis Alkire, sixth, 6:13:53 (PR); Brennon Hajek, seventh, 6:22:57 (PR)


Myles Stinnett, fourth, 12:11:57 (PR)

300M - Hurdles - 36”

Gavin Palmer, seventh, 52.43 (PR)

4X100 Relay

Logan Phipps, Tristan Hilgart, Jameson Crisafulli, Robbie Keiser, fifth, 48.29; Gavin Palmer, Justin Skartved, Kade Hellman, Caden Mandigo, seventh, 52.14


Tristan Hilgart, Robbie Keiser, Jameson Crisafulli, Logan Phipps, second, 3:52.97; Caden Mandigo, Kade Hellman, Justin Skartved, Gavin Palmer, fifth, 4:23.68

Shot Put

Jayden Holley, second, 48-10.00 (PR); Sean Daniel Taylor, third, 39-05.50 (SR); Tyler Clapp, fourth, 35.09.00 (PR); Kirby Basta, sixth, 34-04.00 (PR)


Jayden Holley, second, 121-08 (SR); Sean-Daniel Taylor, third, 110-01 (SR); Tyler Clapp, fourth, 106-01 (SR); Kirby Basta, seventh, 91-00 (PR)


Tyler Clapp, second, 138-09 (SR); Jayden Holley, fourth, 124-08 (SR); Nelson Crisafulli, seventh, 99-02 (PR)

High Jump

Robbie Keiser, second, 5-06.00 (PR); Ephraim Yohan, fifth, 5-04.00 (SR)

Pole Vault

Brandt Ackerman, fifth, 9-00.00 (SR); Kadyn Deckert, sixth, 8-06.00 (SR)

Long Jump

Robbie Keiser, fourth, 18-05.75 (PR)



Kendra Zander, first, 13.31 (senior record); Taylor Munro, fifth, 14.17 (personal record); Hope White, seventh, 14.44 (PR); Mishal Lucido, eighth, 14.59 (PR)


Kendra Zander, first, 28.72 (SR); Mishal Lucido, third, 30.25 (PR); Hope White, sixth, 31.19 (PR)


Britta Brenner, third, 3:37.12 (PR)


Emily Kuehn, second, 5:33.48 (PR)


Emily Kuehn, first, 12:11.02 (PR)

100M Hurdles - 33”

Jaley Wyse, first, 17.54 (SR); Kendra Kaufman, second, 17.89 (SR); Taylor Munro, third, 18.45 (PR); Demyrie Maher, sixth, 19.61 (PR)

300M Hurdles - 30”

Jaley Wyse, first, 49.13 (SR); Taylor Munro, fourth, 57.91 (PR); Kendra Kaufman, fifth, 58.58 (SR)

4X100 Relay

Kendra Zander, Taylor Munro, Jaley Wyse, Kendra Kaufman, first, 53.51

Shot Put

Savannah Toms, fourth, 27-05.00 (PR); Saige Dorwart, fifth, 27-04.00 (SR); Thea Robson, seventh, 24-03.00 (SR)


Savannah Toms, fourth, 79-03 (PR); Thea Robson, sixth, 77-09 (SR)


Adalie Reinhart, seventh, 72-07 (PR)

High Jump

Karsen Murphy, first, 4-10.00 (PR); Savannah Toms, third, 4-08.00 (PR); Kendra Kaufman, fourth, 4-08.00 (SR); Demyrie Maher, fifth, 4-06.00 (PR)

Pole Vault

Demyrie Maher, third, 7-06.00 (PR); Mishal Lucido, fourth, 6-06.00 (PR)

Long Jump

Jaley Wyse, first, 15-02.50 (SR); Kendra Zander, second, 14-02.75 (PR); Julia Temple, fourth, 13-11.75 (SR); Karsen Murphy, fifth, 13-11.50 (PR); Demyrie Maher, sixth, 13-08.00 (PR); Britta Brenner, eighth, 11-07.25 (PR)

Triple Jump

Karsen Murphy, fourth, 29-04.50 (PR); Julia Temple, seventh, 27-05.00 (SR)

Reach Eric Killelea at rrsports@rangerreview.com.

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