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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Blue Devils continue to add wins to record

By Eric Killelea

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

On Friday morning, the Glendive American Legion baseball team boarded a Billings-bound bus for a pair of doubleheaders against the BlueJays and Cardinals. The team had already played four games this week after placing third in the Buffalo Wild Wings Tournament.

All told, the Blue Devils were tired. 

“We played a lot of games with 14 guys,” head coach Brent Diegel said. “The kids are playing through soreness, but they will respond and play well.”

Glendive is currently 20-4, with a conference standing of 6-2. 

“Pitching and defensive play has been consistent,” Diegel said, “but we need to get back to hit the baseball like we were in the beginning of the season.”

Earlier in the week, on Wednesday, Glendive dominated Colstrip at home 18-5 and then 17-5. Both games were stopped in the 5th inning because of the league’s mercy rule.

In the first game, Sean Daniel Taylor “threw well,” as Cade Dockter and Zach Harris had several base hits each against the non-conference team. In the second game, Jake Rieger performed well on the mound, while Jayden Holley recorded a couple of hits and Trenton Lambert cracked two doubles.

On Tuesday, Glendive traveled to Sidney and suffered a hard 11-2 loss, before rallying for a 8-7 win.

In the first game, the team had only five hits, striking out 11 times. They did not hit “exceptionally well” in the second game, Diegel said, but Dockter managed a solo homerun in the 5th innings and his teammates scored six runs total in the 6th and 7th to take the lead. David Skeritt, the No. 2 pitcher in the rotation, threw a combination of fastballs and sliders to strike out 10 and allow only six hits throughout the game.

“Our kids have confidence right now,” Diegel said. “It’s just a matter of sucking it up and playing through the soreness.”

Glendive was scheduled to play against the Blue Jays at 5 and 7 p.m. on Friday and the Cardinals at 1 and 3 p.m. on Saturday. The team has a two-day rest before hosting Wolf Point at 5 and 7 p.m. on June 20.


Reach Eric Killelea at rrsports@rangerreview.com.

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