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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Yellowstone Newspapers photo by Jim Eschelman

Boys' team places third at first cross country meet of the season

By Eric Killelea

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The Dawson County High School cross country season kicked off with the Eastern A Time Trials. 

In his first year as head coach, Tom Temple, along with assistant coach Anita Selvig, brought seven boys and six girls to compete in Hardin on Saturday. The site will be the same course for the divisional meet in October.

The boys team took 3rd at the meet, trailing only behind Hardin and Laurel.

Senior Ase Ackerman, who returned after an overcoming an injury last season, placed 4th with a solid time of 18:18 for the 5K course. Freshman Jacob Parent was the second fastest finisher for the boys placing a very respectable 17th. Right behind him were junior Myles Stinnett and sophomore Caleb Grisby for 18th and 19th.

“The boys have a nice core of young runners with a lot of potential,” Temple wrote in an email.

The girls team took 5th, falling last behind Sidney, Miles City, Laurel and Hardin.

Senior Emily Kuehn, expected to be on the hunt for an All-State position, placed 4th with a time of 21:21.

“Our girls are working hard and have great potential for improvement as well,” Temple wrote.

For many runners, last weekend marked their first ever cross country competition in high school, including four of the six girls.

“All the kids ran as well or better than I expected and I am very proud of them,” Temple wrote.

Last season, the girls team placed 2nd at Divisional and 10th at State, as the boys team finished 3rd and 12th, respectively.

For this season, Temple has said he hoped the boys break “phenomenal” 17 minute and “competitive” 19 minute times, and the girls run “pretty darn good” 19-to-21-minute times. To meet such goals, Temple and Selvig focused on teaching athletes the importance of conditioning and running form.

The DCHS team is scheduled to compete in Bowman on Thursday, Aug. 31. 

Hardin Eastern A Time Trial Meet


Team scores: Laurel 43, Hardin 46, Glendive 82, Sidney 95, Miles City 101, Billings Central 120.

Top 20: Levi Taylor, Lau, 17:18.23; David Prather, Har, 17:48.94; Tate Thompson, BC, 18:04.15; Ace Ackerman, Gle, 18:13.82; Zach Austin, MC, 19:08.97; Connor Fink, Sid, 19:18.27; Haden Wilson, Lau, 19:30.73; Ethan Doty, lau, 19:43.30; Caleb Wallace, Har, 19:49.85; Trae Hugs, Har, 19:50.13; Johnny Herr, Lau, 20:04.96;  Cayden Redfield, Har, 20:07.59; Trajan Hill, Har, 20:08.08; Cooper Austin, MC, 20:08.88; Cole Roberts, Sid, 20:22.78; Ethan Gradwohl, Lau, 20:27.68; Jacob Parent, Gle, 20:38.28; Myles Stinnett, Gle, 20:51.52; Calob Grigsby, Gle, 20:59.47; Will Steinbeisser, Sid, 21:05.34.


Team scores: Hardin 28, Laurel 64, Miles City 72, Sidney 93, Glendive 100.

Top 20: Grace Timm, Lau, 19:58.57; Libby Nedens, Har, 20:30.65; Sydney Little Light, Har, 21:02.15; Emily Kuehn, Gle, 21:21.21; Journey Erickson, Har, 21:32.92; Sarissa Hagemeister, MC, 21:37.60; Charlie Bellrock, Har, 22:28.68; Heather Baker, MC, 22:38.34; Andria Mourich, Lau, 23:00.45; Janelle Brien, Sid, 23:07.34; Khylah Two Leggins, Har, 23:20.17; Sharmayne Hardy, Har, 23:20.22; Latisha Not Afraid, har, 25:04.07; Lizzie WIsecup, Lau, 25:48.71; Mikenna Gruba, MC, 26:10.85; Haley Broberg, Lau, 26:21.77; Mishal Lucido, Gle, 26:23.50; Abby Reitz, Sid, 26:25.41; Serinity Kuntz, Sid, 26:31.25; Jentry Dutton, MC, 26:32.22.


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