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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Photo courtesy of Erin Kuehn

DCHS' Kuehn finishes fourth in Class A cross country

By Eric Killelea

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Dawson County High School senior Emily Kuehn finished an outstanding cross country season placing fourth in the Class A state tournament last Saturday in Helena.

In email, head coach Tom Temple wrote that Kuehn is now considered a three-time all-state cross country athlete.

He added: “A truly elite status.”

In Temple’s words, Kuehn ran among 132 girls at the Bill Roberts Golf Course, which “doesn’t have big hills like Sidney or Lewistown, but it has a lot of medium sized hills and side hills that are kind of relentless,” he wrote. “So, it makes for a real challenging course to get into any kind of rhythm for the runners. Plus, it was windy and chilly so you will notice that across the board most runners ran anywhere from 30 seconds to over a minute slower than their season’s best.”

Overall, Hardin won the tournament, defeating Corvallis, Polson, Whitefish and Beaverhead County. The Lady Red Devils finished last out of 18 teams.

Polson’s Beatrix Frissell was crowned champion, 19:15.82. Hamilton’s Lyric Devries placed second, 19:39.80 and Polson’s Naima Crowl, third, 19:51.81. Kuehn clocked 19:55.77.

“The rest of the Lady Red Devils times were off from season’s best, but I was proud of how they competed,” Temple wrote. “As with the boys, we are not too experienced as a team but I am optimistic about next season and I am proud of our girls.”

For the boys, Corvallis won the tournament, defeating Frenchtown/Alberton, Columbia Falls, Fergus and Hardin. The Red Devils finished 16th out of 21 teams.

Laurel’s Levi Taylor was named champion, 16:29.85. Hamilton’s Matt Wilson placed second, 16:34.72 and Corvallis’s Anders Watt third, 16:40.16. DCHS senior Ase Ackerman finished his impressive season placing 18th, 17:38.77, as Justin Skartved ran a personal record when placing 70th, 18:47.05.

“We are a youngish team, so I am not at all disappointed with that,” Temple noted. “I was happy to see that we beat our Eastern A neighbors in Miles City [19th] and Sidney [18th]. That was one of our goals.”

In the end, Temple shared that he “can’t say enough about how great all this kids are and how much effort they have put into their season.”

“Even though we didn’t bring back a trophy they are all winners,” Temple wrote. “They pushed themselves to their limit every week and improved their times by many minutes. In the process they gained character through the lessons of perseverance and hard work.”

Temple added that he will miss the seniors in Kuehn, Ackerman and Ben Stortz and thanked his assistant coach Anita Selvig and driver Warren Pierce for their contributions.


Hardin, 68; Corvallis, 101; Polson, 101; Whitefish, 115; Beaverhead County, 192.

Emily Kuehn, fourth, 19:55.77; Kasidi Walker, 103th, 24:42.12; Mishal Lucido, 109th, 25:14.58; Alexis Moos, 118th, 25:53.68; Keely Undem, 121st, 26:16.09; Chloe Mires, 129th, 27:17.72; Ayana Jones, 130th, 27:22.06.


Corvallis, 109; Frenchtown/Alberton, 133; Columbia Falls, 144; Fergus, 152; Hardin, 195.

Ase Ackerman, 18th, 17:38.77; Justin Skartved, 70th, 18:47.05; Myles Stinnett, 94th, 19:10.19; Calob Grigsby, 102nd, 19:32.16; Ben Stortz, 110th, 19:46.86; Logan Phipps, 117th, 20:00.46; Gavin Palmer, 124th, 20:21.92.

Reach Eric Killelea at rrsports@rangerreview.com.

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