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Monday, March 19, 2018

Mr. Christmas and family make downtown Glendive sparkle during the holidays (slideshow 4)

By Jamie Ausk Crisafulli

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

When driving through downtown Glendive this holiday season, make sure to stop to appreciate the many holiday light decorations and festive downtown parks.

Glendive’s holiday decorations are in place thanks to a continuing effort by local resident Terry Hood and his family. 

Terry, with the help of his wife Robyn and their sons, puts in months of work preparing, planning and refurbishing the city’s decorations to create a holiday wonderland in downtown Glendive.

New this year

Every year Hood finds something new to add to the Christmas collection. While this year was focused on repairing and renovating a few new decorations made their debut this year.

While the pole decorations are part of the downtown decorating tradition, it’s the inflatables that get the attention of the community’s youth. 

Terry likes to keep the downtown holiday looking fresh, something he can do by moving decorations around. 

Last year, his minion-themed inflatable display was so popular, he decided to add more to it this year.

The BNSF depot display also featured a new item.

Months of work involved

Each year, the Hood family begins to work on decorations during the summer months.

Hood says it takes his whole family at least a day to go through all of the existing decorations and determine what immediate repairs are needed.

The week before the decorations went up, the Hoods replaced 300 to 400 bulbs. The bulbs used are commercial grade and are expensive, Hood said, but also last much longer.

Most of the newest pole decorations are built by Hood himself, which is a huge cost savings. 

For instance, to replace the double garland decorations would cost nearly $1,000. Hood can strip them down, put new commercial lights on them and garland for about $250.

Hood is already planning for next year’s display. He will rebuild the Christmas train that sits in the BNSF park. This will include replacing all of the garland and lights and refurbishing the frames. 

The train is at least 25 years old, according to Hood, and this will be the first rebuild on that project.

Reach Jamie Ausk Crisafulli at rreditor@rangerreview.com.


Donation are an important part of allowing the Hood family to keep the downtown Christmas decorations looking amazing year after year.

Throughout the years, Hood has received grant funding, memorial donations and even funds from classrooms who chose to donate to the light program rather than hold a gift exchange. He said he is grateful for everything he receives to keep the holiday lights in tiptop shape.

Memorials are just one way he is able to add to the current decorations and keep them fresh year after year. All donations are appreciated.


Individuals wishing to donate to the Christmas lighting program should contact Terry Hood at 939-2535.

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