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Friday, March 23, 2018

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Glendive native preparing to compete for Miss North Dakota

By Kyle Vuille

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Dawson County High School graduate Alysse Charlesworth was recently crowned Miss Bismarck and is gearing up for the Miss North Dakota pageant in June.

Charlesworth, 24, started participating in pageants after years of working pageants behind the scenes as a 4-H member volunteer.

“I’ve always been involved through dinners, helping backstage, and choreography so it just evolved from that,” Charlesworth said. “It eventually became a time where I thought it was my turn to compete.”

Her first win came in 2009 when Charlesworth was named Miss Montana’s Outstanding Teen. Her platform on the importance of volunteering in the community and her dance routine captivated the judges as well as the audience.

After graduating high school, Charlesworth attended Dickinson State University where she got her bachelor’s degree in exercise science with a minor in dance and coaching. She currently attends Bismarck State College where she is continuing her education and “picking up a few credits.”

“I chose to do the Miss North Dakota pageant mostly because I was at DSU and the (pageant offered) scholarship opportunities,” Charlesworth said.

Throughout her pageant career, Charlesworth has won a total of $11,075 in scholarships, with $1,000 of that coming from her most recent crowning as Miss Bismarck.

She was the first runnerup at the Miss Montana Scholarship Program in 2012 and 2016.

Charlesworth’s platform is now breast cancer awareness. 

Charlesworth wanted to focus in on breast cancer awareness after her mother was diagnosed in 2015. 

“Breast cancer has been in my family because my grandpa and my mom’s two sisters had it,” Charlesworth said. “We had a feeling my mom had it, but she wasn’t officially diagnosed until April 2015.”

She uses a lemon to demonstrate breast health when she speaks on the subject.

“A big part of (the pageant program) is going on school tours and it’s hard to talk about breast cancer in that setting,” Charlesworth said. “A lemon has the similar anatomy to a breast and it’s appropriate.”

Her awareness speeches include ways of staying healthy through lifestyle choices in order to prevent breast cancer.

With the Miss North Dakota pageant coming up in June, Charlesworth is staying busy with school as well as teaching dance classes in Bismarck.

“School comes first, but I usually practice my solo after my dance class when I have time,” Charlesworth said.

Because interviewing is an important part of the competition, she is staying up to date with world issues and current events through the news.

This is Charlesworth’s last year to be eligible to compete and she is enjoying the process.

She said she feels especially lucky to have had a chance to meet and chat with the current Miss America Cara Mund who is from North Dakota. 

As she prepares for June’s competition, Charlesworth looks forward to making this year’s competition her best experience yet.

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