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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Coach Lindgren had a big impact at DCHS

Dear editor,

When I first met Mr. Lindgren it was (surprisingly) on the old tennis courts at Lloyd one summer evening when I was probably about 7 or 8. Not going to lie, I was intimidated and frightened by the guy. When my dad introduced me, I overcame these thoughts immediately as he greeted me with a smile and a gentle handshake. I became accustomed to seeing Coach Lindgren on the courts and through the years I watched him greet people the same way he did me, with a big grin and a handshake. It wasn’t until I was in high school and had 3 classes with Mr. Lindgren and 4 years with Coach Lindgren that I realized he treats everyone the same way, with kindness and compassion. Whether it be going over a lesson on stoichiometry 5 times so that everyone understands it or starting the season the same way every year with fundamental groundstrokes, Coach Lindgren cared for the success of every single individual. It’s also not just what Coach Lindgren did to improve our skills on the court or in the classroom, more so he helped us grow as young men and women. We’re the kids that are taking our hats off to shake hands after a match and are always making new friends with people from all over the state. Coach Lindgren created a culture for the tennis program at Dawson County that so many programs try to match but simply cannot. So when I heard the news that Coach Lindgren isn’t going to be there this spring it took me by surprise, to say the least. Now I don’t know what has been said behind closed doors but I do know one thing; there is no one who cares more about the Red Devils and students of Glendive than Mr. Lindgren and it should be in the best interest for the school and community to do everything possible to get Coach Lindgren back on the courts this spring. With that being said, I would like to say thank you to the man who heavily impacted my life and hundreds of other students at Dawson County High School.


Jory Opp


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