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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

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Glendive native hopes book about 1970's murder trial will bring some closure

By Katelyn Teixeira

Ranger-Review Student Intern

Former Ranger-Review writer and proud Glendive native Lee Lindsey hopes to introduce readers to truths they did not know regarding a graphic homicide that took place in Sidney in 1975 in her recently published book, “Family Trials and Temptations.” 

Along with the homicide trial, Lindsey’s new book takes a glance into Montana’s history, while also integrating the details of an unexpected love story.

Lindsey will hold a book signing at the Retreat in Glendive on Saturday, Feb. 10 at 10 a.m.-noon, where her book will also be available for purchase.

Lindsey describes the details of the homicide as graphic, but she is unapologetic in how real and raw the story is, as her goal is to expose the truth for the greater good. 

“I tell it like it is. Some people like it and some people do not,” she said.

In contrast to the crime,  Lindsey touches on the inspiring love story included in her book. 

“Things can happen to you when you least expect it. You can meet somebody and all of a sudden your life is changed,” she said.

Lindsey grew up on a small farm and ranch 35 miles out of Glendive, and after she moved away for a time when she was young, she returned during the oil boom in 1972. While she has been gone from the area for years, she has never forgotten her roots.

“It will always be my home,” she said.

Lindsey has had many notable personal experiences in Glendive, as she completed her first flying lesson here and held Glendive’s first ever poetry reading.

Lindsey further complimented her hometown saying, “Glendive is a good place to raise kids, and has a lot of good people there.”

She met her husband in Sidney, which is part of the story told in the book.

Lindsey’s main objective for writing the book, and what she intends to provide her readers with, is closure. 

“Relatives of the deceased asked me to tell them what it was like since they were too young when the homicide occurred. It will be like peeling a scab off of an old wound and it will be painful for them, but I hope that they will have closure. That is what I would like them to get out of it, closure,” she said.

Those who have read the book have told Lindsay that they wish they could have experienced what she has in her lifetime.

Writing has always been something that Lindsey knew would be apart of her life. Even as a young girl, her interest for writing was immediate and important, as she said it was something she “had to do.” As a girl, she swayed towards poetry, and went on to complete a creative writing course in college.

Lindsey is presently a legal and private investigator, who is currently working on a 30-year-old cold case murder that occurred in Billings. She also works with the Innocence Project which is based out of Missoula.

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