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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Solution to violence starts at home

Once again The left and Democrats have politicized a tragedy and blamed the Trump administration. A California Senator stated, “ we cannot tolerate the slaughter of our children. ” These same liberals support Planned Parenthood and Roe vs Wade, which advocates the legal slaughter of thousands of innocent, unborn children each year. They call it women’s health care. Abortion is not health care, it is legalized murder.

The Billings Gazette published the most vile, hate filled letter from a person who denied freedom of speech to every pro-life person. She also blamed pro-life men in Congress, saying they were not entitled to an opinion. The person justified her hatred by insinuating most abortions are due to rape, incest and the mother’s health. This is a lie. The states of Oregon and Washington have passed laws allowing abortion upon demand, where an abortion can be given up to the nineth month. It sickens me that these people have such a total disregard for human life. May God have mercy on their souls. Not one of these babies had any choice in conception or having their lives eliminated by abortion.

My heart goes out to parents and families who lost children due to the mass shooting. I also grieve for the young mentally ill man who committed this horrendous act. Had he received the care he so badly needed after the deaths of his Mother, Father and Step-Mother perhaps this tragedy could have been prevented.

In the past twenty years we have raised a generation of children desensitized to violence by movies, videos, music and social media. Children learn what they are taught. To allow a minor child to sit in front of a video game where players pop human like figures, mostly women, one after another with no compassion or emotion is a travesty. Hollywood glamorizes the rape, abuse and murder of women, portrayed by young starlets who allow themselves to be exploited for fame and fortune. This should be a red flag for all parents. These people are role models and idols for our children. You cannot legislate mental illness, evil intent or the will to commit murder. Taking guns away will not stop this violence. It starts at home with parents who are committed to teaching children respect, compassion and love for fellow man.


Marian Keller


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