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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Clearing up the school mill levy request

Guest Column by Ross Farber

The district office has had many calls regarding the school levy on the upcoming ballot.  I can understand the confusion since we just ran a school bond election.  For the record, they are not related in terms of purpose or amount.  The current levy is a general fund operating levy for the elementary district only.  The high school is at their maximum budget authority and therefore cannot run a levy this year.

The levy allows the elementary district to impose the maximum budget authority as prescribed by state law to support the general fund in an amount not to exceed $76,527.95.  That equals 5.19 mills which will be used for the operation of the district.

The money raised could be used for proper maintenance, the repair of school buildings or the operation of school programs of the Glendive Elementary District #1. It could also allow the district to subsidize current programs within the system or provide additional instructional programs which will enhance the education of the students.  

All of this goes to providing a well-rounded education and curriculum which prepares our student for high school. It is quite common for districts to levy for such purposes. 

This levy would cost the taxpayer approximately $7.01 a year on a $100,000 house and double that for a $200,000 house, of course. 

The children and staff at Glendive Public Schools appreciate your support.

Ross Farber is the superintendent of Glendive Public Schools.

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