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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Doane chose politics over our needs

By Craig Anderson

During the 2015 Montana Legislature, Rep. Alan Doane had the opportunity to put his district ahead of petty political games. Unfortunately, he chose to turn his back on his constituents by making the choice to vote against the critical infrastructure needs of our community. Senate Bill 416 sailed through the Senate 47-3 but failed to pass the House by one vote.

Guess who that one vote was? If you guessed Rep. Doane then you are correct — he chose petty politics over helping our friends and neighbors with much needed infrastructure funding.

The Glendive Ranger-Review reported on April 30, 2015, “One vote the bill did not get was from Rep. Alan Doane, who voted against the bill every time it came up.” The Ranger-Review article went on to report that “Doane defended his vote against the bill saying he did not think it would benefit his constituents in Dawson and Wibaux counties much and citing his stance against the sale of state bonds to fund projects.” State bonds, as we all know, is borrowed money.

Doane’s turning his back on our communities’ infrastructure needs reminds me of my friend Bubba who recently bought a new pickup. Bubba could easily afford to pay cash so when I asked him if he paid cash he said no. 

“Why would I pay cash when the interest rates are so low? My investments are making more money than the interest I’m paying for my pickup.” 

“That makes sense,” I said. “But why did you get a sunroof, you didn’t need that?” Bubba said he didn’t want a sunroof, but it was part of a package that included options he did need.

Turns out Bubba made a smart business deal and got some options he needed but also got some stuff he didn’t want. And, used borrowed money at a lower interest rate than his investments were making.

The legislative process is messy. It requires give and take but there is no excuse for Doane to further his personal political agenda over keeping our families safe and healthy. By not passing S.B. 416, Glendive, Dawson and Wibaux counties have wasted months in upgrading our infrastructure needs. Unlike my friend Bubba, our “representative” does not understand how to make a smart business deal — or even a common sense one.

We should thank Doane for his service in the legislature and elect someone who understands how to make deals for our communities.

Eastern Montana can’t afford to send someone back to Helena that doesn’t understand the importance of infrastructure and would rather play political games instead of representing his constituents.

When you’re voting this election season, please keep in mind we need some who represents all of us, not just themselves.

Craig Anderson is a retired Dawson County Sheriff.

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