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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Glendive Schools working hard to protect our kids

With all of the recent school shootings in the United States and recently an attack at a school in Sweden, we look at our own schools to determine the safety of our students and staff.  

Certainly we never want to have something like that happen in our district. So the questions are: what are we doing to protect and what can we do better. We know that there is no fail safe system of security but we must do what we can to protect our kids and staff. 

 In the meantime, with the assistance of the Glendive Police Department and the Dawson County Sheriff’s Department, Glendive Public Schools has recently decided to use ALICE Training as a way to improve active shooter response plans throughout the district. ALICE Training is a research-based, proactive approach to responding to an active shooter situation which authorizes and empowers those engaged in such an event to utilize existing building infrastructure, technology, and human action to increase the chance of survival. Each of our building principals has been trained as an instructor and is working with their respective staffs to be more proactive as well.  

While we do have cameras on our buses and at the buildings we need to look to the future as other physical security measures will have to be upgraded. These upgrades to our schools are all part of the much needed upcoming renovation and improvement projects.

Ross Farber is Superintendent of Glendive Public Schools.

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