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Monday, February 19, 2018

Local students need your support

By Ross Farber

I would like to thank everyone for their support of the Dawson County Educational Foundation.  The Foundation has been growing steadily with contributions from the citizens of Dawson County.  The Foundation has received funds from class reunions, memorials, as well as private donors.  Every dollar that the Foundation receives goes back to the students in scholarships.  This grass roots foundation proves that community members are aware of the importance of higher education by supporting its students.

The students representing the Key Club, National Honor Society and the Student Council will begin calling residents in Glendive and the Glendive area asking for donations toward scholarships. The annual Dialing for Scholars will be held on Thursday April 20 beginning at 6 p.m. This program sponsored by the Dawson County Educational Foundation, began eighteen (18) years ago and is an annual activity of the Foundation.  Contributions are tax deductible when you donate to the Dawson County Educational Foundation.  All monies raised by the Foundation go to scholarships for Dawson County students. The contributions made to the Foundation will go to developing the talents of our youth and that insures the future of our nation.

The students will be spending the evening making the calls and picking up the donations.  Members of the Foundation will be assisting the students in their efforts.  Last year the Foundation awarded nine (9) scholarships ranging from $500 to $1,000 to seniors.  Successful fund-raisers mean more scholarships.  Scholarship applications are available in the guidance office at Dawson County High School.  

In addition to this fund drive, I would like to thank those who contributed during the December letter campaign.  Because of the generosity of donors, the number of scholarships as well as amounts has continually been increasing.

The Dawson County Educational Foundation urges you to say “yes” when the students call.  The students will take your name and address.  Next, a student is sent to your home to pick up your contribution and provide you with a receipt for your tax records.  All contributions are welcomed and you will have the thanks of deserving young people in their pursuit of further education.

Ross Farber is Superintendent of Glendive Public Schools.

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