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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

There are more important things than where I campaign

On Wednesday, May 18, my wife and I attended the Dawson County Rural/Home School track meet. It was an enjoyable day watching our grandkids, nieces, nephews and all the others participating. It is fun to watch the competition. Our family took home several ribbons.

As you probably know, I am running for the state Senate in District 18. At the beginning of the campaign we purchased 6,000 cards from BOSS to hand out. I have been all over the district (Dawson, Richland and Wibaux counties) handing out these cards. It has been a good experience visiting with people about issues that are important to them and asking for their vote. I’ve had a variety of responses. Three people did not take my card, some people were polite and said thank you, some people said they would consider voting for me and some people said they were going to vote for me. I have enjoyed meeting people all over the district.

Last Wednesday, after the track meet, there was a different reaction. Out in the street Steve Engebretson,  county superintendent of schools, was loading his pickup. I walked up to him and handed him my card. Apparently it was upsetting to him because he posted about it on Facebook, sent a letter to the school board and Superintendent Farber and contacted the Ranger-Review. His recollection of the incident, which was reported in the Ranger-Review on May 25, was a lot different than mine and my family’s.

I am concerned about the children and the obstacles in the way of their education. For instance, the transgender mandate that President Obama has ordered concerns me a lot. If a boy goes into a girls bathroom because he thinks he is a girl, or vice versa, it could have an adverse affect. Another obstacle is the bomb threats in the schools that we hear about all too often. There were two this week alone in Great Falls.  

Another problem that I am concerned about for our children is the debt we have accrued in this country. At $19 trillion it is somewhere over $60,000 per person/child. Our nation’s  $2 trillion yearly budget is $6,500 a year per person/child. Our state budget, being $5 billion a year, is $5,000 per person/child. This will be a big burden for our kids as they become adults.

Regulations by state and federal governments are also a big problem. The EPA wants to control all the air and water in our state. Places like Colstrip and Intake are in jeopardy. When the livelihood of families is at stake children are severely affected.  

I think there are a lot of things to worry about other than a candidate being on school property. I would like to bring some common sense solutions to state government. That’s why I am running for the state Senate.

By the way, as to the question of it being legal to campaign on school property (which I wasn’t in the aforementioned incident), two days after the track meet Bill Clinton held a campaign rally at Will James Middle School in Billings.  

So, if I see you on the street I will probably hand you a card and ask you to vote for me on June 7. Thank you.

SD 18 candidate Steve Hinebauch is a rancher and businessman who ranches with his family in Dawson and Wibaux Counties. He can be reached at stevehinebauch@midrivers.com or 365-7967.

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