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Monday, March 19, 2018

Yellowstone Newspapers photo Steve Allison

Cross country teams place third at Eastern A Classic

By Jamie Ausk Crisafulli

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

The Dawson County High School boys’ and girls’ teams both took third place at the Eastern A Classic in Miles City Saturday. They head to state in Helena this weekend.

Ashton Jones took fifth place at the Eastern A Classic. Teammate Stefan Slehofer earned  12th. Nicole Allerdings took ninth for the girls and Emily Kuehn took 11th, followed by Ryleigh McDonnell at 14th. Those five runners earned all-conference honors.

“This week we are at the state meet in Helena. It’s the meet we have been training for all year,” Coach Jim Temple said. “Some of our runners last weekend complained of feeling tired, which I think is a residual effect from the very tough Sidney course we ran the weekend before. I am hoping they feel fresh and ready to go in Helena and we will prepare accordingly.”

Temple said it is hard to predict how the athletes will run at state.  

“I do know that you can really feel the energy of an athlete that is going to run well before the race. Good teammates can make that energy contagious ... that goes for any sport, not just cross country,” Temple said. “Coach Carbajal and I will try to get them in the best position we can the rest is up to them.”

Boys’ varsity - Jones, fifth, 16:38.55; Slehofer 12th, 17:29.70; Kolte Copp, 15th, 17:52.08; Travis Kinn, 16th, 17:53.86; Dillon Silvernale, 19th, 18:04.58; Michael Liberator, 23rd, 18:33.83; Chris McDonnell, 27th, 19:13.74

Boys’ JV - Lane Walker, second, 19:00.48; Tristan Hilgart, eighth, 10:01.11; Nathan Gustafson, 13th, 20:30.67; Reece Becker, 17th, 21:22.18; David Rennie, 18th, 21:25.85; 

WMS Boys - Myles Stinnett, 22nd; Levi Potter, 24th; Logan Phipps, 29th

Varsity Girls - Nicole Allerdings, ninth, 21:06.00; Emily Kuehn, 11th, 21:17.94; Ryleigh McDonnell, 14th, 21:53.64; Kendra Zander, 15th, 22:07.70; Liz Holzer, 17th, 22:19.24; Sadie Carbajal, 27th, 24:28.98; Sienna Shuler, 31st, 27:58.42

WMS girls - Sami Swanson, 10th, 10:29.98; Julia Temple, 16th, 11:13.75; Kasidi Walker, 17th, 11:27.67; Kendra Kaufman, 22nd, 12:19.80; Karsen Murphy, 25th, 12:32.57; Natalia Carney, 26th, 13:28.71


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