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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Anthony Varriano photo

Riggin's golf future a question of where

By Anthony Varriano

Ranger-Review Staff Writer

Dawson County High School senior Breilyn Riggin might be going through one of the most inconsistent seasons of her young golf career, but she still controls her destiny.

Riggin played with her mother, Christi Myers, every day at 5:30 a.m. before work over the summer. The morning rituals was not only for fun, but put herself in line for a college scholarship offer this year.

“I don’t like playing with her because she beats me,” Myers said. 

Myers and her father both coached golf for a while, and after they noticed Riggin had a natural talent for the game in fifth grade, the two started working with her every summer. 

Riggin first beat her mother in her freshman year and then went to state. She took seventh the next year on the very course she’ll play this weekend.

If you ask Riggin how long she’s golfed, she’ll tell you since she was two. It’s no lie.

“She’s literally been swinging a club since she was two. That’s when she got her first set,” Myers confirmed.

Riggin is a natural ball-striker but had her share of issues throughout this season, most of which were mental. But after watching videos of her idol, Phil Mickelson, she realized how she had to play the game.

“She idolizes his demeanor and how calm he is on the course,” Myers explained.

Riggin’s 82 at Divisionals was posted with a Mickelson-like calmness, as Riggin has learned to shake off the bad shots and focus on each shot individually — not collectively — and now that she’s found her game, college recruiters should take notice.

While Riggin has already been offered a full-ride scholarship from Miles Community College, she’s hoping a good finish at state will put her in line for offers from four-year schools. Riggin is interested in counseling and “helping people in general,” but her current major is golf.

“We’ll probably have to wait because of the season being so inconsistent,” Myers said of Riggin’s collegiate future. “She wasn’t in the 80s early, and we definitely wanted her to be shooting 70s when this time came around. That’s what she was playing this summer, but not competitively.”

Riggin said she’s also been in talks with Dickinson as a four-year landing spot close to home, where she’d already be competitive with the roster, but she has higher hopes. 

“I’d really like to play somewhere big,” she said.

With the inconsistent season, this weekend’s state tournament will be the biggest rounds of Riggin’s young golf career, but she’s not sweating it. She’s been there before, and her success has already reached a new generation of Glendive golfers.

“I’ve had a fifth-grade girl say she wants to get into golf but has never picked up a club before, so that’s good to hear,” Myers said.

Riggin’s last stand as a Lady Devil kicks off Friday and Saturday at the Hamilton Golf Club.

Reach Anthony Varriano at rrsports@rangerreview.com.

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