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The Montana Medicine Show's Genuine Montana History

Autor: B. Derek Strahn

Step right up for entertaining Montana history

Montana’s history is never dull in a new book packed with lively accounts of the state’s people, places and events.

“The Montana Medicine Show’s Genuine Montana History” by Derek Strahn is based on Strahn’s popular radio show that originates at KGLT studios on the campus of Montana State University-Bozeman.

“The Montana Medicine Show’s main objective is to entertain—to relate some interesting or quirky anecdote and provide a thought-provoking glimpse of Montana’s past,” Strahn said.

Given the fleeting nature of radio and the need to make a quick impression, the radio scripts lean heavily on vivid historic quotes and dramatic first-hand accounts. This style makes the book fun to read, and, unlike the radio show, the book adds intriguing historic photos and illustrations for each of the 117 stories.

The book highlights little-known hucksters, risk-takers, reformers, and reprobates along with famous politicians, artists, Native Americans, and sports heroes. Numerous women are featured, including ground-breaking professionals, Hollywood stars, and fearless human-rights activists. Natural events such as floods, fires, earthquakes, and blizzards take their turns, too.

Readers of the book will discover the truth of journalist Joseph Kinsey Howard’s famous observation: “Montana has lived the life of America, on a reduced scale and at breakneck speed.”                                                                                             

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